Reducing plastic material

We constantly review instances where we can improve our procedures - and the materials required for these – to reduce our need to use all kinds of plastic wherever possible. Naturally, without compromising in any way on the quality of our products and services.

Rechargeable batteries

Each new generation of devices utilises environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries. All our products undergo professional recycling, ensuring that even your depleted battery can look forward to a long and productive life as part of an ongoing cycle.

Research and development

Our engineers remain focused on reducing the general energy consumption of our devices and are committed to developing long-lasting – and therefore sustainable – products. We are permanently on the look-out for new and improved procedures to help us reduce our carbon footprint

Employing those with disabilities

We take our social responsibility seriously and wherever possible, integrate those who have so far been less fortunate than others into our workflow. Whenever we recondition our material and accessories, we always aim for the most integrative and socially-responsible approach possible.