Our aim is to improve the conditions in which guided tours are conducted. The Quietvox Audio System consists of a microphone for the guide and a radio receiver for the guest. The quality of sound is superb. There is no need to bunch around the tour guide to hear the commentary. Clients can spread out, take photos, or linger in front of particular exhibits without missing a word.

Group sizes are no longer critical in museums, cathedrals, and other attractions, because groups are no longer perceived as being disruptive or disturbing.

Finally, a big plus, there is no more waiting for stragglers –to everyone’s satisfaction!


Quietvox Audio Systems are hired to tour and cruise operators for the duration of a short visit, a trip or a season. The systems are ready to go at a pre-designated drop off point and, subsequently returned after use.



RDA Cologne: 29-31 Juillet 2014